When one organizing project snowballs

Remember this? My plan to reorganize my recipes?

Well that turned into this. A reorganization of my entire "office" area. Not yet complete though, as there is still stuff to do and doors to put on one of my cabinets and things to put away.

If I wait for it to be complete before I put it up, however, you could be waiting a very long time.

So don't mind the mess. Not only is it a work in progress, I am working on other things at this desk right now.

This was what I was aiming for when I started this project. Instead of one binder with some divided sections, overflowing, print outs and magazine cut outs everywhere, I wanted less chaos. And I think I managed that using nothing more than a few things recycled from home and a few things from the dollar store.

Each binder has its own subsections within it, for example the baking binder has sections for cookies, or muffins, or breads. If I couldn't 3-hole punch the recipe, I put it into a protective sleeve instead.

I hope I've left some room to grow.

While cleaning up my existing recipes, I decided to add one extra binder in: The Menu Plan binder! I still have my list where I write my menu plan, but now I have all the recipes I want to use for the week in one place. On those days where I'm not using one, I either leave it blank or throw in a scrap piece of paper with a note as to what I'm making that night. Each day has it's own protective sleeve so I can just slip something in.

And I've even added in a baking tab so I can keep the recipes I want to make for snacks and such in one place and not have to go searching for loose pieces of paper.

Will this stop me from having printed out recipes everywhere? Likely not, especially since I think I have 3 different pancake recipe print outs on my kitchen counter right now. Guess I forgot I had a binder where I could put them.

Does this inspire you to clean up your own recipe collection? If it does, please leave me a message. My system may not be the best one for you, and it is possible that your system might even be better for me!


Megan said...

I just got your email and didn't realize you had this posted. This is something similar to what I am aiming for. I was thinking about starting a binder just for recipes I've made and posted, because those are ones that I'll be keeping. Still not sure how to pull that off. Hmm. Wish me luck.

Elle said...

A recent partial clean out of my office forced something like this...too many piles of recipes, both ones I've made and ones to try. I like the way you've divided yours up.

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

Gadfry how many times have I done this . . . no that's not right . . . I'm constantly going back and trying this again. Things work for a while and then it requires renewed cleanup. I've come to accept it's going to always be a work in progress.
Great work area.

Camille said...

Isn't that the truth! I start organizing one thing and before you know it my snowballs are so big that I'm making a snowman.

Anonymous said...

Very lovely although I like that you were looking outside when you sat at your desk. You can now come and organize my house. It really needs it as you well know.

Laura said...

Woohoo, look at you go! That is just AWESOME!!!