Menu Plan Monday and some breakfast

Well I can honestly say I followed my menu plan exactly as planned last week! Everything was done when I planned to do it, a rarity for me, including the take out on Tuesday (Chinese for those who are interested).

Now let's see if I can do it again this week.

Sunday: Caribbean Chicken with Orange and Pineapple Salad - I blogged about this already, so you know I managed to make this at least.

Monday: Beef and Green Bean Stir-fry with rice

Tuesday: Spare ribs. Not sure with what or how yet. I just know ribs. They are in the freezer now.

Wednesday: Slow cooker turkey breast with mashed potatoes, gravy and carrots

Thursday: Tortellini soup. Again, not sure where I am going with this one, I just know I want to make soup and it will have tortellini in it. What else will depend on what is in the fridge at the time.

Friday: Fish Tacos. I hope. I really do.

Saturday: Hubby's night to deal with dinner, but who knows what will happen. We will officially be on March Break, and the kids and I are discussing having a repeat of the International Food Week we did for March break a few years back. (But no uncle visiting this time.)

I'm sure by now you are all wondering how the recipe plan organization is going. And it is going. Some of it is done, most of it actually, but I'm not quite there yet. And it had some side effects that I will likely post about in the next day or two.

So while you patiently wait, here are some muffins for you, from my friend Jasmine (btw, Jasmine, I meant to email you and ask you, why are they Banana Oat muffins when there is no oat in there anywhere? Or did I mess up somehow?) Anyways, these were a nice, tasty breakfast treat, and while they are baking, you can head over to see all the other menu plans for Menu Plan Monday.

Oh dear, I just looked at her recipe again, and this time saw that there was oatmeal in there. I think I need to check my print-out, because I don't think it was in mine!

And I checked - yup, no oats, no oatmeal, nothing in mine. Oh well, they were just as tasty without it, just not quite as healthy.

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Megan said...

I sat down the other day and was organizing my recipe folder(s), and was trying to think of a better way. Especially with the blog. I wish I could think of a better way to stay organized. Do you have a special recipe book just for your blog? Inquiring minds want to know!