Menu Plan Monday: It's a busy week

Well last week ended up being busier than expected, so part of my menu went ignored:
Wednesday I ended up making pancakes, two different kinds; Thursday ended up being busier, with no time to spare, so the boys and I had pizza slices while the hubby had left overs. Friday, we were beat and no one was up for much of anything, so I made some nachos and everyone sorta grazed on them over the course of the evening.

The theme of this week's plan is quick, easy and do ahead. I am working 4 extra shifts this week, plus there is a dentist appointment involved and our usual activities. Let's see if I can make it this week!

This week's plan starts out with something from last week, and for a change, I am actually planning for take out one night.

Sunday: Hamburgers with homemade onion rings and sweet potato chips.

Monday: Roast chicken with parmessan potato gratin and broccoli (the only day I'm not working, so I'm taking advantage to try and get some things done in advance.)

Tuesday: Take out night. I have something in mind, but am going to wait and see how I feel - since my day will start at 4:45 for swimming, and I won't get home until after 7pm, how I feel is probably going to be exhausted.

Wednesday: Slow cooker beef sandwiches with aioli. (Repeat after me: The slow cooker is your friend!)

Thursday: Spaghetti with slow cooker sauce. I've already made the sauce, it is just going to simmer in a slow cooker all day long.

Friday: Souvlaki pork in pita sandwiches. (Hopefully.)

That's the plan for the week. Hopefully the fact that I am persisting in the face of zero time will inspire someone else to consider meal planning. Afterall, with such a huge list of other bloggers planning, all their menu's and recipes, menu planning is apparently the "in" thing to do.


Megan said...

Repeat - the slow cooker is your friend! I love it - and yes, we became friends many years ago. We just had some amazing barbecued beef sandwiches yesterday from the s.c.

And that reminds me - I made your Sweet and Sour Pork awhile ago and never posted it.

NKP said...

Sounds yummy, you are so organized!