Menu Plan Monday

Slight change in this week's Menu Plan Monday: we have a guest host, Erin from 5$ Dinners will be heading up the round up this week, so we will be heading over to see her instead of our usual Menu Plan Monday site for the list of amazing menu plans.

Only one small change last week - one again, I did not end up making soup. Thursday's schedule went right out the door and resulted in my not getting home, with kids, until after 7:30pm, with my having left at 5:30am, so there was not even time for me to prep something in advance.

Good news is that is is March break, so while I will still be going to swimming, and we have our usual activities, I have time in between to get stuff put together.

Sunday: Sausages on a bun with left over salad (apple and fennel salad I made here), and edamame beans

Monday: Experimental chili

Tuesday: Orange Mandarin Chicken with noodles

Wednesday: Lasagna

Thursday: Spice-Rubbed Pork with fruit salsa and snow pea coleslaw

Friday: Beef Noodle Bowls. Or homemade pizza.

Now March Break has begun and I am off to make some breakfast for my littlest and I, while his brother has a sleep over with his grandparents. No worries on fairness, the other one had one the night before, so each got a sleep over by themselves, each got time alone with the grandparents and each got time alone with the parents.

And even more importantly, each got one of these.

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