Menu Plan Monday: It's a blog eat blog world

I started planning my menu a bit earlier than usual for this week, while trying to catch up on reading the accumulation of blogs on my reader. I kept finding myself opening the blogs into a new tab, so I could "go back to them" later for a closer look. Always a dangerous thing, at least for my printer. After I'd done this about 3 times, I realized I was menu planning for the next week.

So this week's plan involves meals from the blogging world. Just about all of them involve recipes (except one) and I have not made any of them before. Some take more time than I would normally put into a weeknight meal, but while my kids are back in school this week, I don't go back to my preschool job until Friday. Giving me a bit more time.

Sunday: Cajun Meatloaf. Okay it wasn't on my blog reader for this week, I'm not that far behind, but it still comes from a blog and is one I'd had marked on my "to make" list.

Monday: Cabbage Rolls. Make my hubby happy, make M&M's not so happy.

Tuesday: Steak and shrimp fajitas. The only non-recipe so far. But inspired by a blog, so it still counts.

Wednesday: Bourbon chicken and jasmine rice.

Thursday: Corned beef dinner. The blog that started this plan this week. (Hi Breadchick!)

Friday: Strawberry salad with mozzarella pesto grilled cheese. The salad and mozzarella grilled cheese should be easy, the pesto, we'll, we'll see how that goes.

Last week's plan, didn't go too badly, but derailed mid week. Wednesday, when I was planning to make lasagna. I just did not have the "umph" for it, though I did get the sauce made, and I was having a bad luck day: first I burned the inside of my arm, near my elbow, with the edge of a very hot cookie sheet while making chocolate chip cookies for a play date. I haven't burnt myself in years, so I guess I was due, but it HURT! Then I dropped my food processor when taking it out. I managed to catch the engine part, but my most used bowl, the one that attaches to my slicing/shredding blades, went flying and now has multiple pieces. I was still able to use the machine, with the mixing bowl and my big blade, but no more shredding for me.

So instead of making, and possibly ruining, lasagna, my youngest and I hit our closest grocery store, picked up the fixin's for sandwiches and chips, we spread out a blanket on the living room floor, broke out the cheap paper plates, some salad and pickles, popped Planet Earth into the dvd player (the children chose trees) and had a family picnic. A much better way to have dinner than by ruining a lasagna or breaking my oven, which I might have done by then.

I made the lasagna on Friday instead, skipping my indecisive plan of last Friday.

We are back to our "regularly scheduled" hostess for this week's Menu Plan, brought to you by I'm an Organizing Junkie. I'm early getting mine done this week, but doubt I will be high up on the list of bloggers posting their week's plan.


NKP said...

Ouch! Tough week in the kitchen. I am sure next week will be smooth sailing!

Sara said...

Sorry to hear about your food processor but your picnic dinner sounds like so much fun! Let me know how if you like that meatloaf, it does sound good.