The New Daring Kitchen site!

If you are a member of the Daring Bakers, well, then you should be there already, registering. If you aren't a member but want to be, here is the place to go to learn all about how to join the Daring Bakers.

And even more exciting, to learn how to join the Daring Cooks, where we will be having a monthly cooking challenge as well as our monthly baking challenge!

Plus we have such cool new logos and badges to display.

Even if you are just a blog reader, and don't want to participate in any of the Daring Kitchen groups, feel free to visit and join in on the public forums, read some cookbook reviews, or use the resources.

A big "WOW!" and Congrats to Lis, Ivonne and all the behind the scenes helpers on the debut of the new site. Do we get a head office next?


Peabody said...

What a fun new site. Makes me miss the DB's.

NKP said...

Ooh, I had better get over there and re-register! Thanks for letting us know it is up!

Megan said...

Too bad I dropped out - it's such a great group. Can't wait to see what the Daring Kitchen cooks up!