Grocery shopping in Ottawa

Now that I live out in the "boonies," I regularly receive all the local grocery store flyers again. This did not happen when I lived in the fastest growing neighborhood in the city, where I had 5 grocery stores in a 5 minutes drive radius of me.

Now that I have no grocery stores less than a 10 minute drive away, usually more, I am trying to plan things a bit better. Having that stack of newspapers helps, but can be a bit confusing.

Well not anymore!

While I don't regularly read the Ottawa Citizen, I do daily read whatever their food editor, Ron Eade, has to say about food and the food scene in Ottawa. So when Ron started putting up what the best food deals of the week were from the flyers, then asked for input, I was IN!

Ron knows his food, not just buying it or eating it, he also knows how to make it. I've read him long enough, pretty well since he started his blog, to know that he knows what he is talking about. So when Ron says boneless blade roasts are on sale at the local Independent Grocer's, and make the best post roast, I trust him! (And the fact that I've made pot roasts for years with that cut of meat and agree with him, well that's just handy too.)

So if you live in Ottawa and area, I highly recommend you bookmark Omnivore's Ottawa and make it a regular read. I've learned lots of little things over the last year, not just where to buy the least expensive milk for the week (Food Basics this week, at $3.97 for a 4 liter bag.)


Anonymous said...

That's really cool that you have a resource like that. I wish we had something like that here on Long Island (New York, US). I do have a question though... What does a 4 liter bag of milk look like? Our's come in 1 gallon jugs. :) Happy Cooking!

Jenny said...

I'd email you Renee but I can't see your email anywhere!
A 4 liter bag of milk is a misnomer - it is actually a bag that holds 3 plastic bags of milk, and you place an individual bag in a jug, clip the corner, and enjoy your milk.
Course that said, and price stated, I bought a 4 liter jug today instead, so I have the same kinds as you do in your fridge. :-)

Anonymous said...

you are so lucky that you have a facility like that. i use printable grocery coupons for grocery shopping and save lots of money.

Shari said...

I love Ron Eade's posts too and need to make more time to be on top of the Ottawa scene. Thanks for reminding me to check his blog out more often. I live in the burbs with 5 grocery stores in a 5 min radius (probably the same one you just moved from!).

Anonymous said...

Kind regards and thanks to All Things Edible and your readers. By all means, e-mail any suggestions to Omnivore's Ottawa, or find it more easily at as I could certainly use the feedback.