Menu Plan Monday

It took me a bit more time than usual to make up this week's plan. I wasn't feeling inspired by much, and we've had a bit of a change in our schedule to add to my confusion.

However, here goes:

Sunday: Chicken Parmesan

Monday: Hoisin and Honey Pork with rice and green beans, which looked good on last week's Organizing Junkie menu plan.

Tuesday: homemade veggie pizzas with garden salad

Wednesday: Chicken "gougons" with yogurt dip, and hot corn dip with pitas. The "gougon" recipes is Jamie Oliver's fancy name for chicken fingers.

Thursday: Shrimp and Veggie tempura (still haven't done this from earlier plan)

Friday: Hamburgers with homemade onion rings

Saturday: We are going to LUPPER (late lunch/early dinner) at my sister-in-laws, and going to play with our recently learned to crawl nephew. Going to be fun!

And that's my contribution to this week's Menu Plan Monday.

Now, as for that recipe organization I mentioned this morning, here is where it is so far.

It is cleaner looking than it actually is, since at least two of those binders are filled with things that need sorting out. But I did get myself a label making machine and have already put it to use getting the binders labeled and making up some of the dividers for inside them.

And I'm sure if I take a walk around my room and my kitchen, I likely will find more recipes to go in. Plus I hope to go through my stack of magazines, mostly still in unpacked boxes, and start pulling things from them.

Hopefully I will have a finished set up to show later in the week!


Elle said...

That sounds like a great menu. Wish you'd come and organize my clippings and other kinds of recipes. I have alot of them stuffed in a binder, but not really organized, plus more on top of cookbooks on the shelf..they fall out when I remove some of the cookbooks...guess I need a maid.

Gabi said...

Wow can I come over and stay at your house this week? ;)
It all sounds lovely!