Menu Plan Monday: its carb loading time

We've done the carb loading thing in our house before. My husband has run marathons and is currently in training for a triathlon this summer.

But I admit, I didn't really think we needed to carb load for my son's Taekwon-Do tournament this weekend.

He, however, has different ideas, and since he isn't asking for anything unusual or exotic, what the heck.

Oh, also requested was a good amount of protein to go with those carbs, and not too many "junky" desserts, since he wants to behave this week and figures he can't if I make too many things involving sugar and chocolate.

It really does sound like his instructor took the round-a-bout way of saying, "Eat healthy this week, and not too much sugar." He's having more success saying it the other way, so probably a wise call.

Sunday: Penne with spicy Italian sausage, cream, tomatoes and peas

Monday: ham with cheesy mashed potatoes and broccoli

Tuesday: homemade hamburgers with fries (baked sweet potato for me) -I want to try out this hamburger spice mixture I picked up at the grocery store

Wednesday: Thai chicken pizza

Thursday: chicken meatball and tortellini soup with garlic bread

Friday: spaghetti with either meat sauce or meatballs, depending on what I feel like making at the time.

Saturday: It is tournament day! So we are likely going out, either to celebrate a win or just to celebrate all the hard work in training that has been done lately.

Don't forget to go see the other menu plans for the week, and maybe join in yourself?

And if you happen to be in Ottawa, why not come out to the tournament on Saturday morning? They are always lots of fun to watch, and who knows, you might be inspired to try being more active yourself?


NKP said...

I will be on the couch..
Let me know when the Thai Chicken Pizza is ready!

Megan said...

Oh I'll have a slice of the Thai Chicken pizza as well. Actually, can I just move in for the week?

Anonymous said...

I must admit that his instructor has the right angle to motivate healthier eating in his athletes. I am researching the carb. loading for athletes and have found that emphasizing the outcome (faster athletes) seems to be the way to go.