Bake Along 3: Malted Milk Cookies

Notice I didn't say "vanilla" malted milk cookies?

I was sure I had a jar of malted milk powder, but now I think I must have thrown it out after the kids and I discovered we didn't like it as drink. Ooops? We did, however, like the chocolate malted milk, so I still had that on hand and just used it instead of the plain powder. And I skipped the vanilla bean part, since you wouldn't be able to taste it over the chocolate.

I'm not a fan of Martha recipes, or of Martha herself. Sure, these are easy enough to make up, but how the heck do you pipe the dough for these? It was very thick and I could tell right away that it would not be nice to my pastry bags, so I tried with a heavy duty ziploc. Twice. After the second one broke, I decided to skip that part of the instructions and just scooped them instead.

That was last night. And I still have no idea how these taste as they are still on the counter, waiting to be eaten. The kids had big cookies in their lunches already, and I had sent in cupcakes for their classes Valentine's day celebrations, so they did not need extra cookies in their lunches. And I'm sure they will be disappointed to find I don't bring them any for after school snack. But I will have them ready for them tomorrow when they get home.

Unless they are inhaled after dinner tonight.

Despite being from Martha, I suspect these cookies are highly edible. I hope they are since 3/4 of the dough is in the freezer to be baked off later!

Go see Megan or Nic to see the recipe and to see who else baked along with them.


Megan said...

Yeah, the piping part was a pain in the behind. I should have just scooped them like you did.

Chocolate was a great variation, all I could find was regular malted milk powder. In fact, I don't think I've ever seen chocolate malted milk powder. Except Ovaltine, and I don't care for the taste of it.

But you didn't need to know that, did you?

Elizabeth said...

Those sound really good.

What's for Supper? said...

I didn't pipe mine either. They were tasty though!

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

I'm having a very hard time thinking about cookies sitting on the counter all alone not getting eaten for 24 hours . . .