Yahoo! Non-food related milestones!

This morning marked a major milestone for me in the pool. Two actually.

I've always had a fear of water and could not learn to swim growing up. I could tread water forever as an adult, but could not put my face in the water or swim much at all. Going one length of the pool, 25 meters, was very, very hard.

Despite this, I joined a Master Swim program last September and learned how to swim.

Today, I swam 2000 meters, for the first time ever.

And, at the encouragement of my coach, went up on the 3 meter diving board, frightened as I was creeping to the end of that thing, and dove. Well, it was somewhere between a dive and a belly flop.

And now I am celebrating with a breakfast devoid of good nutrition, toasted crumpets with butter.

And later today, I will take a nap.


Megan said...

Congratulations! That's a very impressive accomplishment - and I'm so happy for you.

I'll bake a virtual cake and send it your way!

Amanda at Little Foodies said...

Well done! Happy Zzzz's.

creampuff said...

Congratulations, my friend! I learned to swim about 4 years ago so I understand the challenge that it presents. Good for you ... it's a real accomplishment!

BC said...

You are an inspiration sweetie.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you Jenny! Seriously. It's how I felt learning to conquer my fears about swimming in the ocean. Quite the accomplishment.

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

As somebody who's been afraid of the water I send you a big congratulation Hug!
I'm still afraid of the water but I can swim now so I really appreciate what you did.

breadchick said...

Congratulations Jenny! As someone who was a long-distancer on my swim team, I KNOW how long that is for even an accomplished swimmer.

So, I'm so proud of you!