Menu Plan Monday

Another pretty good week for the menu plan. Still working the tweaks out of the Thursday night meals, as even the plan of sandwiches didn't work well and we ended up having various types of take out (pizza slices for the children at 4:30pm, and then subs for the adults at 9pm.)

This week's plan is decadent, and on purpose. I'm trying to plan ahead for a few blog events, and am making use of my well stocked freezer to do so. So if you are coming here for the first time, seeing this plan and thinking, "Wow! That is quite the decadent plan!", you would be right.

Sunday: spaghetti carbonara

Monday: Rotisserie chicken with lemon and garlic, and lemon roasted fingerling potatoes

Tuesday: shrimp and vegetable tempura (anyone suggest a good tempura recipe for me?)

Wednesday: lasagna bolognese with garlic bread

Thursday: Texas chili (in the slow cooker) with chips and fixin's

Friday: Taco night - my almost 10 year old has decided that he would like to try cooking, and has specially requested that he make taco's on this night, the only item in the entire week that will not involve a recipe. And, yes, I know that means tex-mex two nights in a row. I wanted my slow cooker, and he wanted his tacos, and we like tex-mex!

Saturday: Up to the hubby. This past Saturday he made bacon, egg and cheese bagels for dinner.

As usual, don't forget to head on over to I'm an Organizing Junkie and see the how many others have been inspired to menu plan.

I have menu planned for years, but have to say the last few weeks, posting on my blog, has made me feel almost accountable to everyone for my plan, so I am less likely to ignore it. And it really is nice to know that when I plan with recipes, I write down what I will need to pick up for them, and always have my list with me. I still get to a grocery store too often during the week, but only when I am already near one anyways for other events. And I have yet to start a recipe and discover I am short an item (which does not include the recipe I made last week where I missed an ingredient off my list entirely, but then decided we didn't need it and it was not worth my making the extra stop.)

Don't forget, only a few days left to get your housewarming recipe to me for the big Housewarming Party! Your choice of sweet or savory, food or drink, everyone is welcome. Just send me your post link, with a picture and some info about yourself to allthingsedible (at) hotmail (dot) com by January 30th.

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Megan said...

I have never made tempura before, so I can't wait to see how it turns out. And everything looks so good!