Those black and white things again

Well, they aren't pretty.

And, as usual, I have problems with recipes from Martha.

Makes about 4 dozen cookies.... Try 2 1/2. Using a scoop of the size indicated.

My icing never thinned out enough to make spreading easy, and if I had added much more water, I'd have had a glaze, not an icing. Hence the streak marks, worse on the "black" side.

Spread on flat side of cookie.... So the bottom of the cookie? Cause that is the only flat side I had, the top was very rounded and would not have set down on a plate well if I'd have iced the bottom side.

On the other hand, my oldest is drooling to have some (instead I've sent him to bed for the night and said he could have some in his lunch.)

And the recipe is so quick and little, that throwing out the first batch of dough was not much of a waste. Yes, it was still as waste, but not nearly as bad as some other recipes-gone-wrong I've had before.

So, Megan, Nicole, what's next?


What's for Supper? said...

These were so good. We ate them up at our house in a hurry!

Megan said...

I'm sorry you had so much trouble with them. They were really good, and I hope your son enjoys them in his lunch!I sent them in Alexander's lunch the next day and he was the most popular kid in the lunchroom!