Menu Plan Monday

Last week went fairly well. I had to switch one night with another, and did not end up making Megan's Challenge on Friday (was just too tired and had enough left overs that dinner that night was unnecessary, but I plan to make them for lunches, so it will be made.) We ate at home every night though, and I never had to run out for an ingredient or postpone because I was missing an item.

Now let's see how I do with this week.

Sunday: Sweedish meatballs with potato rosti, cream sauce, and lingonberry sauce. Bought frozen from Ikea.

Monday: Braised Beef Brisket (source for this later)

Tuesday: Fish and Chips. Recipe for the fish coming from the Nintendo DS. (See here if you are wondering what I am talking about.)

Wednesday: Hot & Sour pork tenderloin with rice and green beans

Thursday: ham and cheese sandwiches with fruit, food on the run night!

Friday: Thai Style beef and noodle bowl (from a Rachel Ray cookbook, I will post it if I get a decent picture and if we like it.)

I've just noticed I have no magazine recipes in this group, but also have not planned out any baking for the week, so I will have to look through and see what I come up with.

Don't forget to go see the list of other Menu Plan Monday planners, see what ideas you can get from some of their great recipes!


Sherry @ Lamp Unto My Feet said...

Great looking menu!! The Thai style beef and noodle bowl sounds delish!!

Have a great week!

Sara said...

oh ikea, i miss you so.
for the first time in months, i've planned all my meals for the week! i managed to stick to day 1, so far so good.