Daring Bakers catch up, Lavash crackers

I realize it is January, and not September. And yes, I know it is 2009 now, so I am not even in the same year, but late is better than not at all, right?

Back to September, when the Daring Baker's made Lavash crackers, hosted by Natalie and Shel, I did not participate. My kitchen was immaculately clean for prospective buyers, and rolling out dough makes a mess. Now, however, I am making messes often. Sometimes several times a day. And having a wonderful time doing it too!

So I finally bring you the Daring Baker's lavash crackers: I divided my dough and made half mine with chives and the other half with fleur de sel and cracked black pepper.

There were alot more in the basket before I remembered to take a picture, while hands reached in and out for more pieces.

Fairly easy to make, don't take much time, and nice results. I think I will try using my pasta maker next time, though, for an even thinner dough.

Go here for the recipe, please.

And in the meantime, don't forget my Housewarming Party event, coming soon!

I have some goodies of my own coming, and can't wait to see what everyone else brings.


MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

What a wonderful logo for the house warming.
The Lavash is lovely isn't it!!

Megan said...

I remember those - they were really good. The pasta machine is a great way to get them nice and even. I think I have a machine around somewhere.......

Brilynn said...

Even though I'm no longer keeping up with the Daring Bakers, this is one of the recipes I've been meaning to try since I saw it everywhere. I'm hoping I'll still get around to it!

Anonymous said...

I've got these on my list to do. Thanks for sharing, they look great!