Updates week 2, 3 and 4

Going away can really mess up a budget plan. Or at least tracking one.

My trip out to PEI and then up to North Bay messed up all my tracking, both for week 2 and for week 3, even though I was only gone for week 3. How, you ask? I'm sure you were asking..... :-)

Well, I got back and went to sit down and figure out what I had spend and what I had left, and started it all by realizing I had accidentally thrown out all my receipts for week 2. I know I had about $20 left from that week, but can't say for sure how much.

As for week 3, well, I was pretty close to within my limit, but almost none of it was spend on groceries for the house. I did use my bank card once, and my credit card once, but those were for Christmas gift items that I have separate accounts for and immediately moved over the money from that account to my credit card.

So week 4 ended at midnight on Wednesday, and I ended up with $7.02 left of my $300 budget that I had alloted myself. Of that, $3 was under the miscellaneous list, for the children's allowance, and the entire rest of it, $289.98, was spend on groceries. Because there was none in my house after being gone for a week. Now it did include buying a huge case of tomatoes for $12.99, which I used to do a bunch of canning, but aside from that, the rest was pretty well daily food items.

So far I am managing to stay within my budget limitations. This week will be an interesting case since the budget started yesterday and with a few items picked up for groceries, a new case of canning jars, and a baby gift, I am already about half way through the money I allotted myself for the week.

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Janet said...

Ha! We're twins! OK, maybe not since I don't actually follow a budget, but if I did, I KNOW I'd blow it!!!