How to spend the first day of fall

Go apple picking!

We went to the same place we have gone for the last few years, Mountain Orchards, a short distance outside of Ottawa. They have great apples, and a few other things that my family enjoys.

Spartan apples. We picked half a bag of these, as well as half a bag of MacIntosh apples.

My personal favorites - Honey Gold! These are similar to Golden Delicious, sweet, crisp and juicy. We filled up the bags with these apples.

Okay I also added a couple of Lobo apples into the bags. All together we picked two 20 pound bags of apples. I think we picked 3 bags last year, but it is still early enough that if I have not picked enough, I can easily go back and get more.

One of the bonus things to this orchard is the freshly made hot apple cider donuts, sprinkled with cinnamon sugar and served in a paper bag. Mmmmmmm. We very quickly went through a dozen donuts between the four of us, licking every last bit of sugar from our fingers. These are best eaten warm.

Before we can leave with all our apples, we have to take a turn in the corn maze. Or maize maze, as someone joked. Afterall, we need to work off a bit of those donuts!


Peabody said...

I'm so jealous...I love cider doughnuts.

Elle said...

Those apples look yummy...I love apples. Apple cider donuts with cinnamon and sugar...super yum! Do you have plans for so many apples?