Belated Happy Birthday to my Sister-in-law!

Her birthday was last month. I didn't miss it. In fact I called her from out of town so the kids and I could wish her a happy birthday.

What I didn't do was make her a cake that she couldn't eat. The cake, made to her request, had to wait until we would actually see her. Which, considering we live in the same time, sometimes can take awhile.

This time it took less than 2 week from the time of her actual birthday.

Good thing I didn't make that cake in advance!

If it weren't a golden cake with chocolate frosting, I would call this a "butcher" cake. Mostly because I felt like I was butchering it making it. I hadn't done one for awhile, so was out of practice, and any cake that starts with a refusal to come out of the very well cake release greased pan without breaking, is not going to be one of my favorite cakes. My sister-in-law, however, who's favorite type of cake is a McCain Deep and Delicious, was thrilled with this cake. She was nearby when I added the finishing touches of milk and white chocolate curls on top and was even able to take home a big piece for later.

I admit, despite the little problems I had making it, it was still a pretty yummy cake. Once I flicked off the milk chocolate curls. (I love milk chocolate, but am still working on that big huge bar from Hershey. Everyone else likes it, it's just me who doesn't.)

Course with all that cake going home with their Aunt, now the kids are after me to make one for them!


Sara said...

Gorgeous cake! I love the piping on the edges.

Anita said...

Fantastic cake! Your sister-in-law is lucky indeed!

Anonymous said...


It looks delicious! I could have a slice with my coffee right now!

Deborah said...

That certainly looks delicious! I love all of the chocolate curls on top.

Judy said...

Your sister is right about Deep n Delicious cakes, they really are one of the best. I have to admit, I would choose this one over a McCain anyday!