Liquid Dreams, the Monthly Mingle

I'm really running late with this one. But I'm sure Meeta understands what life can be like in a household during "Back to School" week. Which I get to repeat again tomorrow when my little guy finally gets to start school on a daily basis, instead of just for an intake day.

I didn't want to not participate in the Mingle, even though I did not have a fancy, homemade drink to bring. I still had a drink, one that soothes and is comforting, even when cold, one of my favorites, an iced green tea latte.

I'm sure I've mentioned them before, back in the winter when I discovered the warm version, at Starbucks. I could have had one of these every morning, the way some people have their daily coffee, and been content. Broke, but content.

A little research into what goes into these, including questioning the Barristas repeatedly, gained me a fair bit of knowledge. Turns out I could recreate my own green tea latte at home using nothing but milk, matcha powder, and melon syrup. And it also turns out that $4 for a grande latte is actually a very reasonable price - especially once you've seen the price of a small can of matcha powder!!!! The best price I found was $33. It all went up from there.

What I also found, however, was a package of matcha latte to go powder, where all you had to do was add your own liquid, milk or water, stir and enjoy. Since I hadn't had any luck with the melon syrup in a regular store (as opposed to the huge bottles available for purchase at some specialty coffee shops, also very expensive,) this seemed like a good compromise. And was "only" $16 for the package. Which so far has yielded about 8-10 good sized cups, and there is still a fair bit left in the package.

Now you didn't think I'd really run out to Starbucks this morning to bring my ice green tea latte to the party, did you? I know, it does look like I did, but I didn't. No, instead I served up my latte in my Starbucks mug, a birthday gift from a friend who went to Seattle this summer, but it looks just like a take out cup, including the little Barrista marking area on the back! Fooled you, didn't I?

Now, to entertain my little guy, who is having to wait one more day before he gets to go to school, and not handling it very well!


slush said...

Looks good to me! Im a sucker for all things Starbucks. (I know, I know, corporate over priced coffee, blah blah, I still LOVE it!) And Im thankful that the closest one is 15 minutes away. I dont go over there very often and thats too far for a coffee with 3 kids in the car.

amanda. said...

YUM! I used to be a barista at Starbucks and I love a good iced green tea latte! Next time you go there to get your fix, try it with coconut syrup instead of melon. It's soooo good!

Brilynn said...

I bought matcha powder at a tea shop in Niagara on the Lake recently. I had to go back a second day to actually get it because they wouldn't sell it to me the first day because they didn't know what price to put on it!!

Meeta K. Wolff said...

I gotta try one of those at Strarbucks. I will remember this when I visit my parents in Dubai this October. But I love your take on it and it looks so lovely and green!