Weeee! It's here! (Blogger's Postcards from around the world)

I admit, I wasn't very patient waiting for this card to come in the mail, courtesy of my new blogger friend Priya, who's blog Sugar and Spice can be seen here. Yes, Priya, it sure does look like this would be a great place to go for a picnic! If I ever make it to Arkansa, I will do my best to make it to the caverns and hope my clausterphobia is in mild form that day so I can explore them!

When Meeta from What's for Lunch Honey suggested this back in July, it sure looked like alot of fun! And what a great way to learn about a whole bunch of new food blogs out there! In the end, 64 of us chose to participate in the first ever Blogger's Postcards from around the world! Alot of work for Meeta, the fun of shopping, blogging, receiving and blogging for the rest of us!

Can we do it again soon Meeta? :-)

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