Filling up the cookie jar

School starts in a few days, and if the weather holds out tomorrow, we will be going to a group picnic where I promised to supply some form of dessert, so it was baking day today.

Nothing fancy, no new recipes, just good, old fashion cookies that were kid friendly.

I had made my ginger cookies a few days ago, in prep for another outing that would require a sweet snack, so the left overs of those were the first to go in the container.

Next came oatmeal raisin cookies, from this recipe found at Today's Parent. Except I add a bit of cinnamon and raisins in mine. Lots of raisins. These got lots of hmmmmm's and yums! from both children.

The last batch of cookies, finished only minutes ago, was for chocolate chip cookies, the same ones I made here but with only one kind of chocolate this time. I think I had all three kinds of chips available but since I wanted them to be kid friendly, one type was enough. Again lots of praise from my two toughest critics.

I may end up making another batch of cookies, probably a rolled sugar cookie in the shape of either a hand or a foot or a frog, before school officially starts on Tuesday. I made the promise to each of my children that they could pick a type of cookie for me to make, for lunches, before each of them started school. If my oldest can't figure out what he wants (oh the pressure of such a difficult decision!), I will pick for him and just make sugar cookies.

Now, for the really important part of this little baking binge today - I really need to go get a nice, big, proper cookie jar! (In the meantime, big tupperware containers will have to do!)

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Anonymous said...

Nothing beats homemade cookies in the cookie jar!

Well done!