Menu Plan Monday: November 27

A few things were missed off the menu last week, some to be tried again this week, but planning ahead is sure making a difference to my stress levels. I'm back at a 40+ hour a week work schedule, not including the driving time, and not getting home until well after everyone else, so knowing I have things defrosted and ready to go is a big help.

Here we go, the menu for the week:

Roast chicken with roasted veggies and mashed potatoes.
Homemade hamburgers with salad.
Stewed beef with mashed potatoes (this is dependent on my local farmer/butcher getting stew meat in time for me.)
Make your own pizza, left over from last week's plan.
Club sandwiches.

I'm sharing this menu plan with Menu Plan Monday.


Unknown said...

I love visiting the MPM participants to get recipe ideas. Tonight we're having Pozole. And since the hubby is cooking I can sit back...and wash the dishes.

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