Menu Plan Monday: November 13

I'm feeling very uninspired this week when it comes to my menu plan. I didn't expect that, not after spending the weekend at the Ottawa Food and Wine Show (mostly working, with one stint a as a guest.) After seeing and tasty some pretty yummy items, I expected to be inspired to create some of these tasty treats.

Simple menu this week, with only one "new" item planned.

Burgers and fries.
Pinapple Mango Pork stir fry with rice (this is my "new" item.)
Crock pot shredded chicken with salsa and fixins.
Meatloaf with mashed potatoes, carrots and spinach.
Pennee with garlic, chilis and tomatoes.
Meatball subs with salad.

That's it for the week, my menu, being submitted to Menu Plan Monday.

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