Menu Plan Monday: Simple and tasty

The ground outside is wet and covered in yellow and orange leaves. My driveway, normally an interlocking stone, is littered with more leaves, my red car spotted in yellow and orange.

Yes, fall is definitely here.

That's rather depressing when you consider we are still waiting for summer to arrive. Sigh.....

Normally my summer menu's would have been filled with light and fresh items, and only now, when the weather is cooler and wet, would I be turning to heartier and warmer dishes. Well nothing in my menu plan is going to be new and innovative, and all of it repeats of items I made during the summer.

Sunday: Left overs.

Monday: Fajitas, making use of left over peppers.

Tuesday: Sheppard's pie (I didn't have time to make this last week so have moved it to this week.)

Wednesday: Pasta with garlic and tomatoes and sausages.

Thursday: Take out night (it is my day off and I have lots I need to squeeze into it, none of it happening at home.)

Friday: ???? It isn't a surprise, it is an unknown. I will be working all day, and then going to a different job at night (feel free to stop by and see me at my second job, I'll be at the Farmer's Table/Country Kitchen.)

As usual, don't forget to add your own menu to Menu Plan Monday.

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Megan said...

Working at a Farmer's Market? Sounds fun!