Menu Plan Monday: And a little news

I'm giving myself alot of leeway this week when it comes to following my menu plan. Chances are at least once I am going to be picking something up for dinner, but it is for a good cause: my sanity!

Last week, I accepted a job offer and began working at IKEA in Ottawa. No, they did not hire me as their head chef, but I am working with food. And while I am supposed to be 3/4 time, for the next 5 days at least, I am working full time. I will have time in the morning to get the boys off to school, but it will be their dad meeting them off the bus and possibly starting dinner.

So taking advantage of the Sweedish Food Shop for a few things on the menu this week, here we go!

Sunday: Roast beef with roasted potatoes and gravy. Joint effort by the hubby and I.

Monday: Sausages with IKEA's scalloped potatoes.

Tuesday: Pasta with tomato sauce and garlic toast.

Wednesday: I'm out for the Omnivore Ottawa Supper Club with Beans and Caviar so the hubby will figure out dinner for himself and the boys!

Thursday: Hamburgers with chips and salad.

Friday: Bacon and eggs. I think. Maybe. Oh who knows, by then I might be ready to collapse!

Don't forget to add your own menu plan to Menu Plan Monday!

And forgive me if I'm really quiet for the next little while, either here at my blog, or leaving a comment on yours (I worked all weekend too, so have not yet had the chance to do my usual read/comments of fellow Tyler Florence Friday posts, sorry about that!) There will still be eating and cooking happening, just likely without a camera.


Megan said...

Phew! I'm exhausted just looking at your schedule!

Good luck with the new job - I've never been inside an IKEA (they don't exist here in Vegas)but I've heard how big and exciting they are!

breadchick said...

Wow, that is going to be a huge shift for you (no pun intended). Good luck and don't worry about the slow down (as if I have any room to speak about not updating things on my blog). We'll be here and look forward to your new adventure.

Peabody said...

Fun! I hope you get a discount. Though that could be a dangerous place for me to work...I would spend all I earned. ;)

Unknown said...

LOVE IKEA. Perfect Daughter and I made the Grand Opening at Frisco...loved it. Hope you get HUGE discounts. Come visit me.