Menu Plan Monday: Plan then shop or shop then plan?

I actually did a little of both for this week's plan. I did some shopping yesterday, after camping, and a bit more today. Somewhere in between, I made a menu plan.

It is the last week before school resumes, and I have alot going on this week. But it is my goal to not buy take out pizza once this week. Ambitious, but doable.

So here we go.....

Sunday: Homemade honey garlic chicken wings, caesar salad and veggies with dip. (I should have doubled this as they were so good and would have been great for lunch today.)

Monday: Pasta with tomatoes and sausages, and garlic bread.

Tuesday: Pot roast style tacos.

Wednesday: Herb and Lemon roasted chicken with smashed garlic broccoli.

Thursday: Pork chops with apples and raisins, with mashed potatoes.

Friday: Homemade pizza, probably make your own style.

Now let's see if I can stick with all of this!

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1 comment:

Megan said...

It's a great looking week!

I've been thinking about trying to make a plan now that the kids are in school.

The biggest obstacle? My husband.He likes to be spontaneous with the food. It drives me crazy.