Menu Plan Monday: Happy Holiday Monday

My hubby is on vacation this week, taking advantage of his compressed work week and today being a civic holiday. Ironically, his week off coincides with my days away: I am going away for a couple of days, meeting up with my Mom for a day, and then spending an extra day away to visit with some old friends. Gives hubby and the boys some quality time together, to go hiking, to ride their bikes, to be silly together without me.

Because I will be away, this weeks' menu plan looks rather incomplete, but it really isn't. I just am not planning the meals my husband makes while I'm gone. Sure, I could throw myself into the kitchen and premake a bunch of things for them, set them out a menu plan, but that is alot more work for me and I think I would rather enjoy today instead. While the sun is still shinning and there is no rain.

Sunday: Spaghetti. Not what I'd initially planned, but we went cross border shopping yesterday and by the time we got home, it was late and this was quick.

Monday: Tacos. My oldest is making dinner and this is what he likes to make us.

Tuesday: Pork chops with chunky apple sauce and green beans.

Wednesday: I'm in Toronto. Hubby is in charge.

Thursday: I'm still in Toronto. Hubby is still in charge.

Friday: Hmmm not sure, will depend on what time I get home. And if I need to go straight to work or not.

As I said, not much of a plan this week, but we will survive.

A brief note before I go off and do today's activities (more on that in a later post):

I have been a Daring Baker for over 3 years now, time I have never regretted. I've made breads and caramels and layered cakes and cream puffs. I've shared in the joys of creation and the frustration of nothing going right. I've made many a friend as a result of being part of the Daring Bakers, some of whom I've even met, some of whom I can't wait to meet.

Did you notice, however, that there was not a Daring Baker creation from me last month? No chocolate covered marshmallow cookies or milans? Well that is because I didn't make any.

At first I was simply distracted by my work on the wedding cake. Not only did I make a 3 tiered cake, but I also made a practice cake (which was only 2 tiers), so there was alot of cake and icing going on in my house. Then I realized I'd missed the date again, looked at the recipe, saw how it would be simple to make and still, even then, did not get the enthusiasm to jump into the kitchen to bake the cookies.

Nothing against our hostesses or their choice, the dulldrums came from me and only me.

So I'm taking a break from the Daring Baker's for a bit. If I feel enthusiastic, I might jump in and make this months challenge, or next month's challenge. Who knows?

Now don't forget to go visit Menu Plan Monday and add your on menu plan in. (Oops, I forgot we had a guest host this week, Toni at The Happy Housewife. Go check her out - plus she has a giveaway going right now to help if you are new to menu planning (or even if you are an experienced menu planner and want a bit of a break.)


Megan said...

I've often contemplated re-joining the DB's - it's a great group. But with school starting soon, and the general lull of the summer, I haven't exactly been super motivated.

I'm sure you've noticed! :)

BC said...

Completely understandable. I haven't made this challenge. Although I really want to make homemade marshmallows. Just not enough time.