Menu Plan Monday: Back to school time

It has been a busy day, just like last week was a busy week, and that sometimes throws my menu plan off balance. My trout fishing experience pushed back last Tuesday's planned dinner, and an extra busy Friday resulted in take-out Chinese food instead of a homemade meal. No one complained (except my groaning budget).

Tomorrow marks the first day back to school for the boys, something that is causing mixed feelings here. My oldest is thrilled to be going back, misses his friends and has had enough of being home (and dealing with me requiring a reasonably clean room.) My youngest is not at all looking forward to going back and gets quite grumpy any time anyone mentions it to him.

Unless they are talking about lunches to him, then he cheers up. So to soften the blow of going back, I just pulled out a batch of brownies from the oven, ones that I have upped the fun factor to by sprinkling on some toffee chips.

My house smells very nice right now, warm and chocolaty.

On to the menu plan!

Sunday: Stew with mashed potatoes. By request of the Hubby. It was chilly and rainy.

Monday: Thick pork chops with apples and raisins. From last week's plan.

Tuesday: Homemade pizza. It will be a make your own pizza party at the end of the first school day.

Wednesday: Chicken Paillard with salad. Otherwise known as flat and fancy chicken fingers.

Thursday: Shrimp something. My husband would be thrilled if I made jambalaya for him, so my short list for this shrimp involves jambalaya or a curry of some kind with rice noodles.

Friday: Homemade hamburgers with salad and homemade fries.

I've been late the last few week's posting to Menu Plan Monday, so by the time I post, there are usually over 250 other menu planners on the list already. So there is lots to look at and be inspired by if you are looking to start menu planning!

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