Menu Plan Monday: Camping and meal planning

At the risk of jinxing things, summer seems to finally have arrived and it is HOT HOT HOT! Despite this, my menu has some heavier items on it for this week. Some of it is by request, some is to use up items that we have on hand. That, and my bbq has still not been repaired/replaced, and chances are, it won't be happening any time soon.

Don't worry, though, I get to grill things this weekend when we go camping with my husbands sister and her family. Which doesn't excuse me from menu planning. It is even more important to plan a menu while camping - no one likes to have to leave the campground to find a grocery store, or even worse, to pay the highly inflated prices of things found at a campground convenience store.

Sunday: Greekfest! I usually try to get to Greekfest at least once during its two week run. I love getting fresh Gyro's and pita, and homemade Tzatziki. Yum. Alot pricier this year, however, so I likely won't be making a return trip.

Monday: Mac and Cheese, from scratch. Just because.

Tuesday: Sheppard's pie. I know, this is a cold weather dish. But I have left over mashed potatoes, alot of them, left over corn, again, alot, and want to try out some local ground beef I just purchased. Plus it was requested.

Wednesday: Butter chicken with Naan and rice. (Come back later for more about this.)

Thursday: Salad and fresh bread. I hope to make it to the Stittsville Farmer's Market and will choose what goes on the salad based on what is available.

Friday: Camping time. Grilled sausages, baked potatoes, salad. Smores. And Doritos.

Saturday: More camping. Hamburgers and hot dogs, grilled corn on the cobb. Smores.

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Niki Jolene said...

You must give us the recipe for butter chicken with naan! I dore Indian food----its my new thing but I sure don't know how to cook it.


Shaina said...

I love Greekfests. My husband and I try to frequent often because who can resist the food?