Munching through the Fiesta

When most people think of Mexican, they think tacos, enchiladas, nachos.... Your traditional Tex-Mex type fare. I've nothing against those types of meals, I love all of them.

But since I'm hosting the Monthly Mingle, and I picked the theme, I wanted something a bit different.

And since I completely forgot that I owned a Mexican cookbook, I went searching the internet for something different.

Introducing Mexican Chicken Wings.

Don't let the picture fool you. It isn't a big, lumpy mass of something, but a pile of chicken wings ready to be shared. Simple to make, with room for personalization, and good for a large gathering.

I found the original recipe here, and went on from it as my inspiration. I made 3 pounds, not 1. I hand crushed my tortillas to give them more texture and crunch. I increased the cumin and only used enough oil to let everything come together. And I "marinated" the wings in the oil and spices for a good hour before I tossed them in the tortillas and baked them.

These were enjoyed by everyone who ate them, with kids asking for more and the adults trying to behave themselves by not pigging out on them.

I served these along side the couscous salad I mentioned a few days ago, and it was a great combination.


Arlene Delloro said...

They look crunchy! and delicious.

BC said...

Hmm, have a few too many cook books do you? It looks delicious - my pictures are still on my camera.

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

I'm going to the store for chicken wings.

jasmine said...

They look delicious...I've had wings on the brain for a short while...


Megan said...

I made tortilla chip wings a few years ago - and they were awesome. But my family prefers the "buffalo" wing style, so I haven't made them since.

But now I'm thinking maybe I need to try them again.