Menu Plan Monday: Last day to submit your Monthly Mingle Fiesta dish

Another week of summer gone, and we've had more rain again. Not only is it really depressing, it is also totally ruining my usual summer menu choices. Who wants to eat salads and lighter dishes all the time when it is cold and dark and drizzly out?

Take last night, for example. I didn't make my grilled steak and peach salad on Friday as I'd planned last week, but instead made them last night for dinner. It was a lovely salad, hearty enough to be dinner, but light and full of flavors. We sat together as a family to enjoy our salads, but not outside in the sun on our deck. Instead we sat inside at the kitchen table, while the sky was dark and the rain kept coming down. I don't know about everyone else, but I find it depressing to eat salad in the dark of a rain storm. Rain storms call for comfort foods, like Mac & Cheese or something.

So if some things seem out of place on my menu plan for this week, not very summer like, the rain has gotten to me.

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Sunday: Grilled Steak, Peach and Lime salad. This was supposed to be Friday's dinner, but neither the hubby or I felt like eating that night, so the kids wolfed down hamburgers and hot dogs while running through the mazes at Saunder's Farm that night, for their first ever Mazes in the Dark event. (I was with the boys, and those mazes are alot of fun in the dark, and even the simple ones, like the Spiral maze, seem completely different in the dark.)

Monday: Sheppard's pie. My oldest has asked to learn how to make this, so here is his chance.

Tuesday: Chili dogs with fries and coleslaw.

Wednesday: Something with shrimp. Not only is it on sale this week, my youngest has begged me to make something with shrimp for him. I just don't know what yet.

Thursday: Chicken with POM glaze.

Friday: I'm keeping this open, as well as Saturday. Saturday is my birthday and my hubby is going to take me out for dinner, however I'm still working on who all is coming and have not yet made reservations.

Don't forget to get your Monthly Mingle entry to me by the end of day today (your day, my day, whichever is fine with me). It is a Mexican Fiesta, but you are welcome to make a main dish, or a drink. Or a dessert. Or a side. Anything at all really! Just be sure to post about your selection and then send me an email at allthingsedible (at) gmail (dot) com with the subject line Monthly Mingle.

And stay tuned later today for my main dish choice for this mingle. The pictures aren't amazing but it was yummy!


Unknown said...

I hope to participate in your Monthly Mingle, but I'm not sure I can make it today. I finally have to get in a good errand day, and this may be my best shot. This was my first time visiting your blog, but I will be back.
Beginning August 5, I will be hosting Crock Pot Wednesdays at I hope you will join in the fun! There will be prizes:) Thanks for sharing.

Megan said...

Oh c#!$! I forgot about the Mingle - dang it!!!!

pam said...

You can send some of that rain my way!

I hope you have a fun birthday on Saturday (sunny skies and all that).