Menu Plan Monday: Sorry, I'm late

It's a good thing I'm late, actually. If I had posted on Sunday what I'd planned for the week, I'd just be here changing things anyways. That's why pencil is a good thing to use when writing down a menu plan.

My initial plan was very short. Until yesterday, it didn't need to be long - I was leaving town overnight Wednesday to Thursday, and then leaving with my hubby Friday to Sunday, with the kids getting grandparent time, so we weren't going to be here to eat. Things have changed slightly, we still won't be home Friday to Sunday, but my solo trip has been postponed until next week.

In addition to the changes of plan, there has also been a small change in circumstances: I tested for my yellow stripe in tkd on Sunday, and while doing so, broke my big toe. Toe breaks are a bit tricky. This one didn't seem more than slightly sore while I was in my test, and I had no problems continuing and doing my board break. By Sunday evening, my toe was sore and developing a bruise. By Monday, it was very big, very purple in several spots, and throbbing. Broken. Not a huge deal (other than for the shoes I bought for a wedding this weekend), but it means I'm having a few standing issues, and frankly, not really feeling great so not really wanting to eat. Bleh.

The family must be fed, however, so here we go:

Sunday: Bowtie pasta with meat sauce (the sauce made from some hot Italian sausages, yum.)

Monday: Pork tenderloin, rubbed with a fennel salt mixture, and mixed veggies.

Tuesday: I don't know yet. My initial plan involved sandwiches, but that will depend on how I feel later. Maybe nachos. We like nachos.

Wednesday: Pot roast with mashed potatoes and carrots.

Thursday: Pancakes. I do not need left overs here.

Friday: At my mother's house, so I will cook whatever I find in her freezer. Unless she cooks.

Saturday: My cousin's wedding. I'm making the cake.

That's it for me for this week. Not exciting, I know. You will probably find alot more exciting plans at Menu Plan Monday over at Go look.

And for those of you curious, here is a fun little video taken by my 6 year old, sideways, of my board break. I have not been able to turn it so you can see it upright, but you get the point.


BC said...

What about a picture of the toe? Sorry to hear about that - ouch.

Sal said...

Sorry to hear about the toe! But the planned menus for the week sound great. I wish I was disciplined enough to plan meals more than a day in advance.

Megan said...

Great looking week planned! I hope your broken toe doesn't prevent you from breaking boards in the future!

Becca said...

I love pancakes for dinner...I should add chocolate chips the next time I make pancakes...yum