Menu Plan Monday: School's out, the kids are home

The last day of school was on Thursday of last week, and in that time slot for my menu plan, I wrote: SURPRISE!!!!

Think that was cheating?

In reality, my kids used free kids meal coupons at Subway for dinner, followed by an ice cream cone, and the hubby and I had a fabulous salad with grilled chicken, grilled peaches, grilled red onion, and a sweet and savory dressing. Which I did not take a picture of so will have to make again.

Friday's plan of chili lime cumin steak turned into buffalo chicken nuggets, premade from the store, and whatever everyone felt like picking at.

This week, however, my children are home all week, so I might do a few things with them and that might mess up whatever I plan. Plus, it is Canada Day this week, and I have no idea what we are doing. If we end up out somewhere to see fireworks, dinner could be changed. If not, we will eat what I plan ahead.

Sunday: Spaghetti with meat sauce and garlic bread. (I worked all day, so hubby cooked.)

Monday: Steak, fennel and orange salad. Assuming I remember to go out and get some oranges. And fennel. (Cancel that - I could not get fennel this morning, and by the time I did get some, it was late and I was so tired that I stopped and picked up pizza, which I am now eating. I plan to have the salad for lunch tomorrow.)

Tuesday: Mexican chicken wings with some kind of vegetable. Not sure what kind yet though.

Wednesday: Canada Day, so I'm going to plan ahead to make a broccoli and cheddar fritata, which I can make ahead, and that way if we are out and it isn't eaten, well, I'll have lunch the next day.

Thursday: We are out at a friends for dinner. Should be fun!

Friday: Hmmm I have written down, "Tyler's California Cobb Salad for me." Not sure what I'm planning on feeding anyone else that night.

As always, don't forget to go to Menu Plan Monday to see lots of other menu plans. I need to, I want some breakfast ideas, needing a break from the same things we have around here.

Btw, don't forget, you are invited to this months Monthly Mingle, hosted by me, where we are having a Mexican Fiesta! You can get all the details here, and then send me your entry by July 13 at allthingsedible (at) gmail (dot) com, with the subject of Monthly Mingle.


Rush said...

i remember the days when mom used to plan our weekly eats in advance, we used to sit and call out our was fun!! the fun used to end up turning like planned or a mixed bag of surprises sometime!!

pam said...

That grilled chicken salad sounds yummy!

Melissa said...

Sounds great, especially Mexican chicken wings!

NKP said...

Sounds tasty! I think I will pop by for Mexican chicken wing night!