Menu Plan Monday: Still working on it

Ah, it is Monday again. Do weekends seem to be getting shorter or is it just my imagination?

Last week's plan went fairly well. An unexpected work night resulted in my changing a few things around and us having one night changed completely, but mostly it went as planned. The meals I had actually planned were eaten, just not necessarily on the night I planned them.

This week I've decided to go a bit easier on the plan, as in plan old favorites rather than seek out new recipes to try. I love trying new recipes, but sometimes I am just busy and like to be able to cook without having to think much during the process. Go on automatic almost.

So here we go, my submission to this weeks Menu Plan Monday. Be sure to head over to see more menu plans and ideas for your own.

We attended a late afternoon surprise celebration, which I had a part in planning, where pizza and cake were inhaled, so had a light and easy supper of cheese and potato perogies with sour cream. Sorry, not homemade, but frozen. I cook mine differently than most people, though, so they aren't as heavy and artery clogging: Heat the oven to 415 - 425 F, place the frozen perogies on a sheet pan and give them a quick spritz with vegetable spray. Cook for 12-15 minutes, then turn them. Return them to the oven and cook for another 10-15 minutes or until they are golden, puffy and bursting a bit of cheese out the side. Much healthier and cleaner than boiling and then pan frying. No bacon, which I'm sure is a disappointment for some, but still quite good. And since there is no grease and they are a bit crispy, you can use your fingers to pick them up, dip them in the sour cream and enjoy them without messing up extra cutlery.

Monday: Pork tenderloin with lime and honey glaze, mashed potatoes and carrots.

Tuesday: Sandwiches and fruit salad. It is supposed to be very hot out Tuesday.

Wednesday: Grilled sausages with layered dip, or with tortillas and homemade salsa, whichever I feel like making. No, I still don't have a working bbq, but I do have an indoor grill.

Thursday: Parmessan chicken bites with salad.

Friday: It is our nephews first birthday so we are going to his party and bringing cake. He has learned to walk since we last saw him, when he was cruising, so this will be fun!

Btw, I have recently been updating my flicker account (see the side bar for the link) and have a bunch of new pictures up for people to see. Mostly not related to food, if you can believe that!

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