Happy Father's Day

When my children were smaller, breakfast for their dad on Father's Day involved me doing all the cooking while they took all the credit. I'm one of those mom's who lets her kids get involved in the kitchen, but I'm not crazy, so that's how it had to be.

Not this year. This year, I did some directing from the side, but the actual work was done by the children (with the exception of the bacon, still not willing to let them cook the bacon.) (Oh, and the clean up. Not that anyone is surprised by that.)

My little sous chef isn't ready for stove cooking yet, but he's good for assembly, so he made Daddy a raspberry-yogurt and granola parfait sundae. In one of my good crystal glasses (that are basically never used.) He chose the yogurt, vanilla, and Daddy's favorite fruit, raspberries. Which makes up for him saying that Daddy's favorite sport is baseball (it is anything but), that he looks at the sky all day for a living (he wishes?), and that he's not very good at baseball, all in the same Father's Day card.

My big guy has been slowly learning how to use the stove. He's 10, and he eats enough oatmeal on a regular basis that it really isn't cost effective to let him keep making instant oatmeal, so I've been gradually teaching him how to cook things instead of microwaving things. This morning he decided to try tackling an omelet, which was going to contain salsa and cheese.

It isn't his fault his omelet didn't work - my non-stick pan isn't anymore. He tried, but he just could not get the eggs to not stick. Neither could I.

So Daddy got scrambled eggs instead.

The eggs don't look amazing, but since it consists of eggs, salt and pepper, salsa sauce and melted cheese, I don't suppose they would look good. I understand they were quite tasty.

With the addition of a glass of orange juice, Daddy was served breakfast by his two boys. While I made yogurt-fruit-granola parfaits for myself and the boys.)

Maybe next year I will get to wait in the next room and they will not only make breakfast, but clean up after it also. (Don't worry, I won't hold my breath waiting for it.)

Happy Father's Day to all the Dad's out there, including my own.


Megan said...

Ha! Look at them go! I hope they do more over the summer - and who knows, maybe they'll clean up too!

Baha ha aha ha aha ha!

pam said...

The best part is when they get old enough to make the whole breakfast all by themselves. I remember one Mother's day, when they made biscuits (from scratch!), eggs, and bacon.

Ty'sMommy said...

I love that you get your little guy in the kitchen with you. I try and get my Little Man in there with me whenever I can. He loves being mommy's big helper.

Di said...

That's awesome--looks like they did a great job. We made pancakes here. My 2 1/2 yo got to mix dry ingredients. My 6yo got to mix wet ingredients. I put them together and actually cooked the pancakes. Oh, and we did oven bacon--much safer and less messy. =)