Montreal Results are in

We arrived in Montreal on Friday afternoon, two mom's with two 10 year old boys. Managed to get through rush hour without any problems, and get to our hotel without getting lost.

I have to say, alot of things worked out just right for us, starting with getting to that hotel.

Which was at the edge of Chinatown and across two road from Old Montreal. So we had lots of places to explore and lots of yummy food to try!

After a few hours of walking around and checking out Old Montreal, taking so many pictures I had to switch to my little point and shoot camera to take pictures of food, we hit Chinatown and chose the 3rd Pho restaurant we saw, one that looked bright and clean and had a table or two free.

What a great choice!

I had a spring roll, but my son decided to save his adventurousness for drinks, so we ordered two "funky" to us drinks, not knowing what was in them or what they were: a rainbow jelly ice and a red bean and coconut drink. Both were too strong for us, but at least we tried them.

This is probably one of the best vermicelli plates I've ever had. The pickled daikon and carrots were amazingly good and blended it so well with everything. Right after taking the picture, I mixed all of mine together and dug in!

This is my son's favorite in Vietnamese food, Pho Ga, or chicken noodle soup. While he couldn't finish his bowl, he hmmm'd through what he ate.

We took one more quick walk through Chinatown before we left, a street we had not had a chance to go to (but my son said it smelled so good he wants to go back when he's hungry and try things!) As a quick dinner before leaving, I had a steamed pork and vegetable bun, which cost me a whole $1, and a strawberry bubble tea. The flavor of the bubble tea was chosen for my son, who was sharing it with me, and he loved that, but he did not like the chewy bubbles. At least he tried it!

Oh yes, and I bet you'd like to know how he did at his tournament?

What do you think?

Those medals around his neck are a bronze in patterns and a gold in sparring. He was amazing to watch and earned that smile on his face (plus his t-shirt.)

(Seven students from our Taekwon-Do school attended this tournament, and seven students came home with at least one medal. Our school was well represented, even though our numbers were small.)


Megan said...

Congratulations! What an accomplishment - and what adventurous food you had. Wow!

vibi said...

Had I known you were coming to my hometown!!! (sigh) Still, I'm glad you enjoyed it and had a good time!

Congrats to the golden boy!

You must be sooooo proud!

NKP said...

How fabulous is it that he eats so well!
Congrats to the little guy, looks like you guys had an awesome time.