Happy Easter!

Some quick cakes for you today, to keep you busy.

I made both of these for a friend, at her request, sorta. She asked for a cake for her new nephew's first Easter, and was expecting a bunny. She ended up with two cakes instead.

Yes, that silly shape up top is a bunny, an Easter Bunny! He is wearing a naked tie and is naked for a reason. This chocolate, marshmallow frosted cake is for the big brother! The bunny is naked because he came with a bag of goodies, including some licorice whiskers and colorful jelly beans, so that big brother can decorate the bunny himself.

This is what I actually made for her new nephew. Again the flavors are chocolate and marshmallow, double marshmallow this time. I used the marshmallow frosting from the bunny as my crumb coat and to adhere the fondant, which I made from scratch. A marshmallow fondant. I'd never made fondant before, but it had been on my "to try" list for quite awhile, so I was happy for the excuse to try it.

This was a good learning experience for me, all around. I still need to take some fondant classes, and practice, practice, practice, but was pretty pleased with how things worked out in the end. The fondant was not difficult to make at all, but I have to remember the next time I make and work with it to wear an apron! My shirt was covered with icing sugar and cornstarch and changed from a very vibrant red to a light pink in color by the time I was done!

My friend was thrilled with the cakes, at least visually. Her family plans to eat them today, so I hope they taste good as well.

The Easter Bunny left a little treasure hunt for my boys here last night, and my youngest son is still wandering around trying to find little chocolate eggs. The Bunny left more "treats" than chocolate but there are enough little egg "droppings" that both he and his brother are happy.

I hope you and your family have a lovely, sunny Spring day.


Megan said...

Very impressive - and quite delicious looking as well.
Hope you had a nice Easter!

BC said...

That bunny looks like it would feed at least 5 people!

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

Naked for a reason . . . and what a perfect reason! Grand idea!!