Menu Plan Monday

Well I'm back from my little trip, and as fun as it was, I am still exhausted! I was home yesterday, took a day to rest (meaning I only did a bit of cleaning and two loads of laundry.) Today I have alot of work to do and hope to get some prep done for meals this week as I am going to be working extra shifts this week for a coworker and expect to be short on time and tired.

Short and sweet, not much fancy this week:

Sunday: Hubby took pity on me last night and made frozen spring rolls and chicken balls for us for dinner. (I'd planned soup but for some silly reason the stock I was making, instead of reducing a bit on low heat, decided to reduce alot on low heat and I was left with about 1 cup of stock. Plus I was feeling icky and did not want to cook at all.)

Monday: bbq chicken breast. Either as a salad topping or in a wrap. Not sure which yet.

Tuesday: homemade meatballs in sweet and sour sauce with rice. I'm making an extra large batch of meatballs for this and for the freezer.

Wednesday: homemade pizza with veggies and dip.

Thursday: grilled ham and cheese sandwiches with fruit salad.

Friday: I'm leaving this open, I think we have plans of some kind.

So that is my brief menu for the week. Please go see Menu Plan Monday at I'm an Organizing Junkie for more plans, hopefully more inspiring than mine is.

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Melissa said...

Meatballs in sweet and sour sauce sound delicious! Thanks for sharing your menu plan.