What's in my basket (or yours?)

Rachel, the creator of two food blogs, Food Maven and Coconut and Lime, is the hostess of a what looked like a really fun blog event - What's in your basket?

The rules were simple: go grocery shopping, take pictures of what you bought, blog about it, including what you bought, what you spent and where you went shopping. Just like it is an education to see what other people are cooking, it is equally fascinating to see what people are buying.

So here is what was in my basket this afternoon, purchased at Farm Boy:

500ml Homo milk - $2.59
Large tub strawberry-vanilla yogurt - $1.99
12 package fruit pieces yogurt - $3.99 (minus $0.75 coupon)
English muffins - $1.29
Lean Beef stew meat - $7.21
500ml Light (6%) cream - $0.99
1lb unsalted butter - $3.99
boneless skinless chicken breast - $8.59
1/2 lb package vermicelli sized rice noodles - $1.49
2 pints blackberries - 2 for $5.00
banana's - $1.24
Royal Gala apples, 6 - $3.20
2 pints blueberries - 2 for $5.00
Red Spanish onion - $0.91
2 packages of fresh basil leaves - $1.49 each
5 peppercorn mix - $1.89
Cheddar cheese curds - $3.10
green seedless grapes - $4.08
red seedless grapes - $4.26
3 package organic garlic - $0.99
White Spanish onion - $1.19

minus bag credit of $0.10

Total spent: $65.12

I could easily have bought more items but was walking home and knew I would have to carry whatever I bought, so I behaved myself. The beauty of this store is that I can go daily and buy fresh as needed. I still need to go to the regular grocery store, get items like cereal and cleaning items (my family goes through massive amounts of hot and cold cereals), but those can wait until later this weekend.

So what's in your basket?

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