I think I have a new go-to quick bread recipe!

I'm falling behind on my reading.

I have a stack of lovely new cookbooks, a brand new novel given to me for Christmas, and piles and piles of magazines around me. And when my new issue of most of those magazines come in - I devour them!

The new Today's Parent was no exception. I've said it before - I love the recipes.

This issue had the winners of the quick breads contest that I had totally failed to notice was happening. How observant am I?

This recipe appealed to me for a few different reasons - it was a quick bread that was appropriate for the kids lunches, I could make it quickly (with help if necessary).

And it didn't involve bananas!

Plus I had all the ingredients on hand to make it, including the strawberries.

To me, that was a sign that this was the recipe I should be making. So I did. Two bowls, quick mix up (took longer to crush the strawberries than it for the entire rest of the recipe.)

And it was so good, that the next morning, there was a small heel of the second loaf left, and that's it!

I did learn one little quirk about this recipe afterwards - the bread lacks its vibrant flavor and texture when it is cold. I learned this when I had a piece for myself as a snack left in the van while I worked. When I came out and had a piece of the bread, it fell flat. Room temperature in the rest of the lunches, there were only crumbs left.

I wonder if the rest of the recipe winners will be nearly as good?

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