Birthday smoothie, and the new year

Today is the husbands birthday, so we started the day out early (it is only 9am now) with some cooking and not cooking. The cooking part involves a large pot of homemade tomato sauce simmering on my stove, for use later today when I make some lasagna for the dinner party we are having (more about that fun event later!)

The non-cooking is just as tasty as homemade sauce though - fruit smoothies! Just the thing to fuel a runner pre-morning run, and just a bit special for his birthday!

I didn't plan in advance to make this for him, so what went into it was made up of what I had on hand, which was fortunately a good variety. Frozen strawberries and pineapple joined a ripe banana, pureed together with orange juice (which I was just about out of) and orange, raspberry, passionfruit juice. A scoop of vanilla frozen yogurt was added for a touch of creaminess and decadence! Yummy! It was so good!

By the way....

Belated Happy New Years!

Yes, I know I'm almost a week late! I've been busy with kids, clean up, going back to work (a week before school starts, so bringing kids with me.) Cooking almost every day but nothing new, nothing fancy again. Even today's lasagna is nothing new.

Despair not! New recipes are coming! I have all kinds of lovely new cookbooks to read, recipes in my "to try" pile are growing faster than the weeds in spring and I have a resolution to back up that long, long list!

Resolution you say? At New Years! How surprising! (hehehe)

1. No arrowroot cookies for me! (This is work related - we provide the children with a snack of apple juice and arrowroot cookies - and usually have lots left over for the parent volunteers and staff to munch on. These cookies are like chips - bet ya can't eat just one!)

2. No eating after 8pm, parties excepted. Or late night dates with the husband.

3. You will make one new recipe per week, minimum! Try new things, even if it is something made that only I will eat for my lunch, try some new things!

No the smoothie was not my new recipe for the week. Actually I made my recipe yesterday, a birthday cake that needed to set up over night. Haven't taken pictures of it yet, though I will do so at the party this evening, so will post about it either later tonight or tomorrow.

For now, live vicariously through us - enjoy the sight, though not the taste (sorry!) of the smoothie, and keep thoughts of chocolate and orange in mind.

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Anonymous said...

Happy belated New Year!

And Happy Birthday to the hubby!