BPW: Valentine's Around the World

The last time Meeta organized BPW, she had the tough job of selecting who sent a postcard to whom. This time likely isn't any different!

And this time she had a bit of revenge: she gave us a theme!

I have to ask - have you ever seen a Valentine's postcard anywhere? I haven't. Lots and lots of cards. No postcards.

I know for sure that I am not the only person who didn't find a postcard and instead has "faked it." Sorry, no other word for it - we faked it!

I hope my BPW recipient isn't too disappointed with it. It is a Valentine, and it won't come in an envelope, so that makes it a postcard, doesn't it?

Hopefully I will get my postcard before Valentine's day!


Brilynn said...

Your (post)card reminds me of Carebears! And even though I made my own, it still wasn't a postcard, it had an inside, AND it will arrive in an envelope... Ooops.

Jenny said...

Brilynn, I've seen your "postcard" and whomever gets it will be lucky to have gotten something so carefully and wonderfully made. It was beautiful and they will love it! (And I've have done what you did as well, if I"d have thought of it before I bought mine.)

Anonymous said...

What a sweet card, Jenny!