Menu Plan Monday: December 18

Well it's the week before Christmas, where I will be hosting and cooking Christmas dinner, and I have not yet planned what I will be making! I'm leaning towards beef tenderloin, with a scape pesto and scalloped potatoes, but only if I can find beef tenderloin for less than $17 a pound!

In the meantime, this makes me motivated to have a simple menu for the week leading up to Christmas. While the temptation is there to have some form of take out each night of the week, Christmas is already hard enough as it is on my grocery budget, and home cooking is usually much less expensive. Especially since most of what I am planning to make this week is already in my freezer.

Here we go....

Chicken, broccoli and cheese braid
Pulled pork with coleslaw (is there anything easier than throwing a pork roast in a slow cooker and then pulling it with bbq sauce later?)
Fried chicken with salad
Pasta night - you choose your sauce
Breakfast for dinner

And that's the plan I'm submitting for Menu Plan Monday.

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