Menu Plan Monday: April 10

Last week's plan went pretty well as, well, planned. Except for Thursday, where I had planned to make panini sandwiches and ended up taking my two boys out for a nice dinner instead.

I did end up finding my old coil notebook for my menu plan, and have started to use it again. This notebook dates back to July 2007, and I am always fascinated looking back at what I'd planned for the week and how things were changed from the original plan. Somewhere on my cookbook shelf I have my original menu plan notebook, which took several years to fill up as well.

Either way, here is the plan for the week:

Sunday: Spaghetti and meatballs

Monday: Pork souvlaki with pizza and salad

Tuesday: Taco night (oldest son is taking care of dinner as I'm going to the dentist for some work and don't expect to be up for much after - what a nice boy he's being.)

Wednesday: Butter chicken with naan and rice

Thursday: Panini sandwiches (lets try this again!)

Friday: Bbq hamburgers with salad

And that's what I'm posting on Menu Plan Monday.

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Cookie Contessa said...

I love the idea of planning your meals for the week. I always want to do this but never actually get to it. Just calling it Menu Planning Mondays might help me try it! Awesome idea.