Menu Plan Monday: April 17

Last week's menu plan was one of those rare plans where I made everything I said I was going to make, when I said I was going to make it. It doesn't happen very often where nothing changes, I'm not running late or forget to take something out to defrost.

I'll try to do better next week. (Yes, I'm kidding!)

Sunday: Prime rib chili with tortilla chips and fixins (based on Tyler Florence's recipe found on page 60 of Dinner at My Place)

Monday: crispy baked chicken with mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes (I'm trying out a frozen potato product for mashed potatoes, which I will blog about later.)

Tuesday: blueberry cake french toast with bacon (I'm skipping the crumble topping and am not doing the "icing" I initially saw served on this.)

Wednesday: broccoli stuffed chicken breast with noodles and peas

Thursday: Hubby cooking pasta

Friday: Rib eye steak in whiskey cream sauce (from Pioneer Woman, recipe in her cookbook)

And that's the plan for this week, being submitted to Menu Plan Monday.

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