Menu Plan Monday: April 24

This week's menu plan is recipe heavy. It's been awhile since I've done this, and I feel a need.

Each of the recipes that I plan to try are completely new to me, nothing repeated. I'm even trying a new recipe for banana bread, which I just pulled from the oven.

This could be fun or a total disaster. Cross your fingers for the fun part - I really don't want to have to make a second meal every night if things don't go well!

Sunday: Easter dinner with family - my contribution was Cauliflower Cheese from Jamie Oliver's Ministry of Food (Called Food Revolution here in Canada), apple crumble and Peep S'mores.

Monday: Sauteed Fish Sticks with Dill Potato Chips from the April/May Clean Eating. (I will be using haddock instead of tilapia because I could not find any tilapia, and will be skipping the mustard slaw and homemade dip that is printed with the recipe.)

Wednesday: Sauteed Chicken with mushrooms and green beans (from Martha's App again), and Baked French Potatoes (from Jamie Oliver's Ministry of Food.)

Thursday: I'm not home tonight, someone else cooking - grilled cheese with caesar salad.

Friday: Perogies from a local store that hand makes them. Haven't tried this place yet but it got a good recommendation and does take out so we are going to try it.

So that's the plan for the week, which I'm posting on Menu Plan Monday.

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