Menu Plan Monday: Family Day = Delayed Menu Plan Day

Happy Tuesday morning!

Yesterday was "Family Day", a government sponsored holiday with no real purpose behind it. It meant I got the day off to spend with my family, to sit and watch the Olympics, to do some cleaning, some cooking and some baking.

I liked it!

It also meant all the stores were closed, so I had to do my shopping on Sunday. I spent alot of money on groceries this weekend, but did not buy anything that I did not already have in my freezer, so my freezer challenge is still on.

Here we go, my menu plan for the week, being submitted to Menu Plan Monday:

Sunday: Nachos, picnic style (while we watched the Olympics together)

Monday: Pasta with meat ragu

Tuesday: Pork tenderloin with Hawaiian sauce and rice

Wednesday: Homemade pizza

Thursday: Meatballs with mashed potatoes

Friday: Out for dinner with my other Mom, who comes to curl nearby at this time every year and we go see her.


Michelle said...

we had pork tenderloin last night with raspberry barbecue sauce...what's hawaiian sauce?

Megan said...

I tried staying up late the other night to watch the Olympics - sadly, I failed! I wish they were on earlier.