Foodie Fans of the Pioneer Woman: It's a Wild Card

This week Debby called it a Wild Card, and Muneeba was absent, but probably enjoying her new baby and very short on sleep. Very good reason to be absent.

Since we could make anything we wanted from Ree's book or website, and Debby mentioned Muneeba having a baby, I was thinking back to when my boys were babies.

I used to make them alot of pancakes, something they still love to eat.

Recently we ran across a video clip of my oldest son, as a baby, sitting in his high chair, eating. Hands on, messy as can be, shoving his food into his little mouth.

And singing as he ate. "Mmmmmmm mmmmm mmmmmm mmmmmmmm......"

He's outgrown that habit, but still loves to eat pancakes. Breakfast is his favorite meal of the day. So last weekend I made them a double batch of these, Edna Mae's Sour Cream Pancakes, found on page 76-77 of The Pioneer Woman Cooks.

He went back for thirds of these pancakes. His brother went back for seconds.

I admit, they didn't really "do it" for me - they start out so light and fluffy, but as they cool, they seem to collapse slightly. And I've noticed, over years of making pancakes, that the person making the pancakes never gets to eat them when they are at their best, fresh, hot and fluffy.

Hey Ree! Can I come visit the Lodge and have you make these for me please? I bet they taste even better coming from your griddle.


Lara said...

I bought Ree's cookbook a couple of weeks ago after I found her website and love both of them! I am reading her cookbook like you would read a novel. It is perhaps the prettiest cookbook I have ever seen. The pancakes look wonderful I will add them to the list of just about everything else that she has!:-) Thanks for the reminder of something so warm and wonderful.

Foodiewife said...

I hear you on cook's being last in the receiving line. Thanks for submitting this recipe to our roundup, which I am working on right now.

Kim said...

You did a great job cooking up those pancakes! If only I could get mine to look that great:D

Joanne said...

I totally know what you mean about pancakes tasting better when you don't make them yourself. I remember my mom's being amazing but my own have never quite lived up to hers. I'm glad your boys liked them though!