Tyler Florence Fridays: I think I forgot to do something important

Please ignore the mess in the background.

But fortunately my husband stepped up to the "plate" and pulled out a camera!

My little sous chef requested cheesecake for his birthday cake, an odd choice for a 7 year old, but one I was able to do. And while cheesecake recipes are everywhere, I turned to Tyler for this special occasion cheesecake. Then made my own adaptions.

Tyler's Ultimate Cheesecake sounds fantastic on its own, with a warm blueberry sauce, but not what I thought the birthday boy would like. Instead I went with cookies, Oreo cookies, and changed the crust, then eliminated the lemon, adding crushed Oreo's part way through the cake, with more crushed Oreo's on top.

I increased the baking time by 1o minutes, but still found it quite soft in the middle. Still very good, very tasty, and well enjoyed by everyone, but soft.

Sorry, there is none left to show a picture of the cookies suspended in the luscious cheesecake, or floating on top. None left to show you the creaminess, smooth and comforting. Not even any Oreo's left. You will just have to try and imagine it.

Only a few more chances to join in on the weekly Tyler Florence Fridays!


NKP said...

He must have loved it with the crushed oreos!

Deb in Hawaii said...

Crushed Oreos are the way to a little boy's heart for sure. It looks wonderful--fun and festive. Great job!

Megan said...

Tyler cheesecake is my #1 all time favorite - and it's always very soft. I actually prefer it that way, because it isn't dry.

However, adding Oreos was a stroke of genius. My kids would love that too!

Arlene Delloro said...

Quite the refined palate for a 7 year old. And a cutie, too! The cheesecake must have been delicious.