Menu Plan Monday: Some days I feel uninspired

I snuck in grocery shopping today, between my son's doctor appointment, dropping him off to school and my going to work. Restocked some items for my pantry, picked up fruit and veggies that would be safe to leave in my car while I worked, and then headed into work.

Came home, finished up making dinner, which, incidentally was not the one I'd planned on, and am only now finishing up my menu plan.

Sometimes I just don't feel inspired to plan ahead. Sometimes it is difficult to think out what to make for later in the week: Will I really feel like eating chicken on that night? Hmm, if we have pork chops on Monday, do I want anything porkish later in the week? Ack! I can't make that recipe Wednesday, then we'd have rice two nights in a row! (Okay, not a problem for some families, but mine isn't that enthusiastic about rice unless there is sauce.)

Today I took some of my planning inspiration from the grocery store. Yes, I went in with a list of certain items, and I avoided several sections of the store (not just the fridge and frozen aisles, since I was packing things up in my car for 6+ hours, with a high today of 11C.) Taco shells and tortillas made it into my basket, for a taco night. Mushrooms made it into my basket, to be part of tomorrow nights pork chops with mushrooms and tomatoes, which will let me use up the cheese I have shredded in the fridge. Broccoli made it into my basket to be the veg on Thursday.

And a small package of cookies made it into my basket because I knew I would not have time to make cookies, which we ate as ice cream sandwiches.

Even when I don't feel like menu planning, I know it is important, so I push myself to do it. It helps my budget, it helps when life gets chaotic and I know I don't need to think ahead because I've planned out what I need and taken out what I need and have everything I need.

I guess I need to menu plan. How about you?

Sunday: Cabbage rolls with garlic bread and salad.

Monday: Stuffed chicken breast with creamed corn, salad and bread. And oatmeal-raisin ice cream sandwiches.

Tuesday: Pork chops with tomatoes, mushrooms, cheese and rice.

Wednesday: Taco's

Thursday: Chicken cutlettes with noodles and broccoli.

Friday: Hubby and I have potential plans, so I'm leaving this open. Beside's, every menu plan needs a "whatever" night.

Be sure to add your menu plan to the long list of other menu's at Menu Plan Monday.


Megan said...

For feeling so uninspired, you sure came up with a great plan.

I actually spent all day yesterday cooking and baking, because this week will probably be as busy as last week.

Which means, very little free time.

norapinephrine said...

I just rediscovered soft tacos! They make for easy suppers that use up leftover meat or beans. Yummy... will you make your own salsa ?

Cate O'Malley said...

Sounds like a great week of eating. I'm with you - was totally uninspired this week and didn't menu plan. That's never a good thing! Mmm, cabbage rolls - love them, but have never made them.

Joanne said...

I totally know how you feel! I've been having a love/hate relationship with menu planning lately. There is so much I want to cook, but for some reason I just can't get around to it which frustrates me. It's a vicious cycle. It seems like you've got it somewhat figured out though.